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Hi my name is Celeste, I have Complete Agenesis of the Corpus Callosum (C-ACC). I’m missing the middle part of my Brain. I work as a preschool teacher also manager at Fuzzys. I never would have thought that when I got to McKinney High as my second high school, I would get a friend right away because it was even the middle of the high school life 11th grade. I met one of my best friends, sadly she was an exchange student but we are so close and still keep in touch while she’s back in Spain, she knows everything about me and looks out for me we still talk on face-time.  I was diagnosed with ACC when I was almost 10 along with Epilepsy, Dyslexia, PVNH (Periventricular Nodular Heterotopia) and a few more. I had Physical, occupational and speech therapy all when I was younger. I’m 24 now, when we found out about my ACC the doctors told me it was an important part of your brain that connects the left and right hemisphere with all that information we realized that’s why I was having a hard time in school and a hard time with friends. I really get along with people younger or adults that are parents. Some of my friends are actually my age and I’m lucky they are mine. The doctors said they didn’t know if I would pass middle school to go on to high school. Then when it was the end of 8th grade I passed my test for me to move on to high school.  The school Imagine was built and we put my name in the lottery for me to get in and I did, all my doctors were surprised. School has always been hard for me and reading is the hardest, I still don’t read at my grade level (around a 3rd grade level) I also have a really hard time with spelling so I had special spelling tests for me. I joined the Color guard team(That played with the band) in 12th grade, it was difficult for me to memorize the drill sometimes and mainly the choreography of the dance, riffle and flag work we had. After marching season was over I joined winter season and made the JV , and the last part of color guard was solos and ensembles I worked on a duet with a friend. The picture below was our first group photo but group has changed. It’s hard for me to be in a house with two sisters younger that are GT (gifted and talented). My favorite color is Pink and light blue, I love volleyball, babysitting/nanny, cooking desserts, going to Epilepsy camp as counselor, playing with kids, and teaching them to watch them grow.

I had my drivers permit for 2 years and now I have my license Its was very hard for me to try to accomplish this I took my first test and failed it and then came back two days later to take it again and I failed but I could have passed. I just had a bad day and three instructors in the car so that stressed me out a bit I even stress out over the tiniest things. I went back to take it a third time and with a friends help of confidence I knew I could do it. It just takes a bit longer for me to get this.  

When I graduate from Collin Community College with basics done. I will head on to TWU. Too become an Occupational therapist to work with kids that is my Passion.

Also with all of this in my life I delivered a baby girl July 10th, 2022, we checked for her corpus callsoum and it was all there for her it was not passed down. As I also attached a recent photo of me at the bottom of the page.

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Color guard group photo


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  1. Hi Celeste! Thank you for making this website! My son is 12 and was just recently diagnosed with complete ACC. I so appreciate you sharing your story! Are you still in the Dallas area? I would love for you to attend our Texas meeting this summer for families of children with this disorder. Let me know if you want to know more about it. All the best to you!

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